Hero Park

Hero Park is coming in 2024!
In preparation for this new, all-inclusive park, the previous playground at North Shore Park, 2041 N. Orchard Lane, Round Lake Beach, has been taken down. The playground equipment has been donated to Kids Around the World, an agency that removes existing playground parts and refurbishes them for use in other countries.
The Park District is preparing the site for Hero Park and has begun receiving equipment for the new inclusive playground, which will be one of the largest of its kind in Lake County. Construction will begin in the spring, as weather allows, and the project is expected to be completed in late summer/early fall of 2024.


What is your favorite memory of playgrounds as a child?
Feeling the whoosh of air as you swung high? Getting a little dizzy on a merry-go-round? Going down that tall slide for the first time? Using your imagination to create adventures with your friends? Or maybe you were a little shy and it was another child motioning for you to come play with them and suddenly you belonged?But imagine being on the sidelines, watching others play; and instead of seeing a path to exploration and independence, you are met with a sea of obstacles stopping you from joining the fun.
Unfortunately, for some in our community, that is the barrier they face. And we want that to change.
The Round Lake Area Park District is planning to build a 100% inclusive playground that will be the largest of its kind in Lake County.
Hero Park will expand the horizons for all families, serving as a place where empathy and friendship can blossom.
To make this amazing vision a reality will require the entire community - big and small. Working together, we can bridge the divide and create inclusive fun for everyone.
Join us today!


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